Cloud Backups


Cloud Backup Solutions

Your patient data is the lifeline of your practice.

So why are you still using an out of date backup solution?

For a practice, nothing is as important as its patient records.  Yet so many dental offices are using antiquated backup solutions.  Those solutions lead to:

  • Unsuccessful backups
  • Data breeches
  • HIPAA violations

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Cloud Backup Options

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)

This is the total solution that allows an image of your server to be taken every hour.  That image includes how your server is configured along with all of the applications (dental and imaging software) and the data that resides in it.  The image is stored locally in the practice and then uploaded to HIPAA compliant servers.

  • quick recovery time
  • all data and applications on the server is captured
  • individual workstations can be added

Cloud Backup Options

File Based System

A file based solution still allows for the backup to be stored in the cloud.  The difference here is that the backup only includes the data in the designated software applications.  The pricing for this model is based upon the size of the data.

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Recovering from a Crash?

Fire, Flood, Server Crash?  No one likes to hear these phrases.  So what happens when you have to count on your backup to recover?  With any system, you need to make sure you:

  • Monitor your solution
  • Test your solution
  • Protect your solution

DTC implements and monitors backup solutions for dentists throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  Our dentists sleep soundly knowing their data is being taken care of.  How are you sleeping?


Don’t take chances with your data.

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