Going Paperless


Ready to go Paperless?

Patients are looking for practices that utilize the latest technology.  Is your practice up to date?

Everyone has heard the term “Going Paperless” but few really know what it means.  When exploring the idea of going paperless, practices are looking for ways to:

  • Change from film to digital xrays
  • Add patient check-in solutions
  • Communicate with patients and referring practices electronically

Each one of these areas has their own technology solution.  How do you get them implemented?  Contact DTC today and let them construct the roadmap to digital integration.


Digital X-Rays

DTC will take your practice through the following phases in order to make sure your digital integration works seamlessly with your software (and your staff).

  1. Explore options to verify your sensors, digital pan, and software all get along
  2. Identify the cabling and hardware requirements
  3. Recommend necessary hardware
  4. Install the well thought out solution
Contact DTC today to begin moving your practice forward.

All Specialties and Software Packages

No matter what your specialty or what practice management software is in place, DTC will guide you along the road to help you avoid the common pitfalls of going paperless.


Paperless = Efficient, Teamwork and Profitability

  • Focus on patient care… not patient forms
  • Communication is improved in all areas
  • Paper costs money. And the process to push the paper costs more.

We know change is hard.  But being left behind is worse.


Let DTC Help You Find the Technology That Fits Your Practice.

Want to learn more about how DTC can help your company with going paperless? Contact us today and one of our esteemed professionals will discuss how we can address your needs!