VOIP Phones

Phone solutions have exploded onto the market.  Wondering what all the hype is about?

It used to be that a phone system, while having great features, didn’t fit a small business because of the high costs.  But now VOIP (Voice Over IP) solutions have alleviated those concerns.  A business of any size can now take advantage of features such as Unlimited calling, easy customizable messaging, professional voice recordings, call forwarding and more. 

Tired of paying Verizon or Comcast for your phones only to receive little features with poor service?  Contact DTC today to explore how a VOIP solution can be implemented at an affordable cost.


Features of VOIP Phones

  • No need for phone service from Verizon, Comcast, etc
  • Scalable as you grow
  • Customizable voicemail
  • After Hours/ Holiday Greetings
  • Voicemail with Email delivery
  • Online faxing
  • Direct integration with dental practice management software
  • Many, many more…

Vendors We Trust

A VOIP solution focused on seamless integration with dental software.

A VOIP with 99.99% uptime.


Easy to Start

  • Low Capital Investment
  • Easy Installation
  • Monthly contracts
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There’s a Reason Why VOIP Has Exploded in the Small Business World.

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