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We are practically legendary

Our success is a direct reflection of the DTC Family. Founded on the concept that family comes first, our culture has developed in such a way that no matter what team you are on or what job you do, you have a voice! We take pride in our work and we work hard. Every day we show up ready and willing to do our part, reach our goals and make IT work!

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Steve McNamara

Founder & CEO
Asset 2

Nate Smith

Chief Technical Officer
Asset 3

Kevin McNamara

Head of Operations
Asset 5

Scott Leister

IT Director
Asset 6

Kathy Gilbert

Technical Services Manager
Asset 7

Victoria Doda

Creative Marketing Director
Asset 8

Will Ball

Technical Program Manager
Asset 9

Christina Geiwitz

Executive Liasion
Asset 10

Kelly Hibbert

Office Manager
Asset 11

Chad Prindible

Tier 2 Team Lead
Asset 12

Ryan Mathur

Tier 2 Team Lead
Asset 13

Quinn Nickel

Service Manager
Asset 15

Josh Woollen

Account Manager
Asset 16

Wade Holsinger

Account Manager
Asset 19

Skip Wheatley

Project Lead
Asset 20

Chris DeJarnette

Tier 2 Field Technician
Asset 21

Steve Stickelmaier

Tier 1 Field Technician
Asset 22

Daanish Tanveer

Tier 1 Field Technician
Asset 23

Mike McNamara

Accounts Payable & Procurement Clerk
Asset 24

Ian Wroten

Tier 2 Technician
Asset 25

Mike Sugarman

Tier 2 Technician
Asset 26

Daryl Miller

Tier 1 Technician
Asset 27

Tia Bell

Tier 1 Technician
Asset 28

Aran Koller

Tier 1 Technician
Asset 29

Brandon Rea

Tier 1 Technician
Asset 30

Andrew Lee

Tier 1 Technician
Asset 32

Heather Martz-Keller

Marketing Associate
Asset 33

Sara Caroselli

Account Manager Support
Asset 34

Jennifer German

Vendor Administrator
Asset 35

Brandi Schmelz

Administrative Assistant


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