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Cloud-Based Solutions

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Work Smarter Using the Cloud!

Leave Legacy Backup Solutions Behind!

Using the cloud to store your business’s data is the way to go! DTC partners with Microsoft to provide the best cloud-based solutions possible for you and your business. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game and on top of new cloud-based technologies to provide you with the most up-to-date and secure solutions!

Cloud Backup

A cloud backup is an off-premise backup and archive for all of your data. That way, if there is ever a natural disaster or damage to your in-house equipment, all of your data will be backed up and able to be recovered! 

On-Premise Cloud Migration

If you are currently storing all your data locally, in-house, or even have one foot in the cloud, DTC can help get you there fully! Moving your business to the cloud will increase productivity and provide peace of mind that your data is backed up. Not to mention, it's easy for you and your team to access from anywhere. We’ve migrated many of our clients, big and small, completely to the cloud!

Object Storage

Don’t stress! The limit does not exist.

Store images, music, videos, x-rays and more on the cloud! Storing objects on the cloud does not take up nearly as much space as on your devices. DTC uses Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Virtual Desktop for all our client’s Object Storage needs. 

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Microsoft Azure

Cloud Servers | Cloud Storage | Cloud Platforms

Taking advantage of the power of remote servers and cloud-based filing systems with DTC gives your business the capability to work from virtually anywhere! 

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Cloud Backup Options

Leave Manual Off-site Backups Behind!
  • Backup Disaster Recovery
  • Hybrid Cloud Backup
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Flexible Data Capture, Based on Business Needs and Size
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On-Premise Cloud Migration

Easy & Headache Free. We Promise!

With ease, we can take all of the data and applications that your business depends on and migrate it fully to the cloud. Our team knows your time and work are valuable. With our efficient process in place, we can move your business without impacting your workflow & productivity—and how cool is it to tell clients you are working “from the cloud"?

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