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April 20, 2022

Social Media: How To Successfully Build Your Brand

We had the opportunity to speak with social media experts Tia Bustanoby from T. Juliete Photography, and Kiki Boswell from Freethink. This webinar focuses on imagery, engagement, target audience, platform use, trend hopping, helpful tools, and business guides to help enhance your overall brand!

The Future of Food & Agriculture, With Andrew Rose

This month we have the opportunity to talk with Andrew Rose from F3Tech about the future of food & agriculture. Andrew Rose, Senior Advisor at F3tech, will discuss cell-based meat, alternative proteins, and other foods that will be consumed two generations from now!

Creating Future You: Advice from Ali Goodin

“Adulting isn’t easy, but with my help, it can be!” This month we have the opportunity to talk with Ali Goodin from Ful Life Coaching about creating future you! Ali Goodin, certified career coach, life transition mentor & motivator, pays it forward by helping young professionals write their own rulebook & eliminate the stress of adulthood.

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance: Essential Questions Answered

For the month of August, we have the opportunity to talk with Karen Pass & Susan Bruce from inUnison Consulting about the importance of HIPAA compliance. Individually, Karen and Susan hold more than 20 years of experience in providing HIPAA compliance consulting and assistance. All essential questions will be answered!

Doing Well By Doing Good: How To Connect The Bridge Between Philanthropy & Business! 

For the month of July, we have the opportunity to talk with Monica Mitchell, CEO from Corporate Impact Partners, about how to connect the bridge between philanthropy and business! Monica is experienced in the strategic design & execution of community development, engagement, and social impact projects that empower others to be leaders by “serving others […]

How To Make The Most Of Digital Dental Technology In Your Practice!

For the month of June, we have the opportunity to talk with Julie Beyersdorf, Account Executive from Modento, about the different types of automation technologies that exist and could be valuable to your practice. You won’t want to miss this!


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