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Disaster Recovery

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Implement, Monitor and Protect

Our clients sleep soundly knowing their data is being taken care of. How are you sleeping?

DTC implements and monitors backup solutions for our clients. We know the impact that a disaster can have on a business and our goal is to see to it that you never have to! Fire? Flood? Server Crash? With a knowledgeable team, a frequent backup rate and extreme dedication to our clients, we ensure that we continue to monitor, test and protect your solution. Should disaster strike, your business can quickly get back to what you do best—taking care of your clients! 


We know how much quick spin-up times matter! This is the most valuable service your business could implement. Recovering your operation can be costly and difficult, sometimes impossible, if not implemented properly with a team that cares. Recovering your operation and getting your business back up and running is our first priority!


The most important step in disaster recovery is ensuring your data is backed up BEFORE it is too late! Let DTC proactively provide you with the solutions you need and save yourself the stress!

Data Backup

Sleep soundly knowing that your data is securely duplicated!

We perform frequent backups to ensure all your critical information is copied with the ability to restore in the unlikely event of a disaster. We provide you with peace of mind knowing your data will be there if you need it! 

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Recovering from a Disaster

Some disasters are unavoidable—but with the right tools, recovery is easy!

DTC uses Veeam and Microsoft Azure to facilitate the recovery process. They work together seamlessly to get your operation back up and running!

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Security Solutions

Hunt and Destroy—That's the Goal!

DTC is constantly monitoring, preventing, and remediating known threats, zero-days, and active intrusions. Our goal is to hunt down anything trying to attack from the edge of your network, and implement ongoing security solutions for your business!

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Network & Endpoint Security

Outsmarting the Hackers and Attackers!

Using a variety of solutions for protecting your business, DTC manages and monitors your security. We use Windows Defender—which actively scans and protects against threats in real-time—and Huntress, which actively detects intrusions and footholds. It is the offensive, defensive security solution.

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