DTC and HIPAA Compliance – Providing Your Practice Peace of Mind

September 26, 2016

Today’s medical practices, especially the dental community, is constantly being inundated with meeting HIPAA standards (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, specifically the final Omnibus Rule) and most practices don’t know where to start. With all the things a practice has to focus on (patient care, human  resource issues, supply management, marketing, etc.) tackling the enormous ball of HIPAA legislation is often just too much. So the immediate reaction is to ignore it. The thought of “I think my data is safe” leads to inaction. Unfortunately, inaction can turn into data breaches, ransom, and cyber attacks, which turn into financial penalties.

In the mid-Atlantic region, medical and dental practices have opted to find professional assistance. Companies like DTC, Inc. are receiving the calls from frantic doctors and office managers asking for help. The result of the call is an immediate sense of relief. DTC is using our 20+ years in the healthcare field to break HIPAA down to its simplest terms, and create a roadmap of specific tasks and solutions that can be implemented to create a reasonable and appropriate level of coverage.

So while some practices are being kept up at night wondering if and when HIPPA violations and penalties are going to impact their practices, others are having a great night sleep knowing that their focused, experienced, and trusted IT company, DTC, is taming the HIPAA monster.

DTC is a privately owned company that is committed to providing IT support, security protection, and HIPAA compliant solutions to the mid-Atlantic. Feel free to contact us today to start a conversation!

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