CEO Steve McNamara Appointed to Dental Integrators Association Board of Directors

June 15, 2017

Dental Integrators Association, or DIA, is a leader in the dental integration industry. It was formed to improve the quality of dental technology integration for the benefit of the client, practices, and member firms. Steve McNamara, DTC, Inc. Founder and CEO, has been a longtime member of the DIA. At the Annual DIA Conference in April, he was appointed to the Board of Directors. Steve hosted a presentation at the conference about DTC’s journey to success, inspiring other dental IT professionals who were in attendance. “DTC would not be where it is today without the influence of the DIA.” Steve states. The focus on personal connection with vendor partners and dental IT professionals has helped DTC grow to the size and success we enjoy today. Steve attributes much of that to the connections that have been formed through the DIA.

The Dental Integrators Association will be 10 years old in 2018. It is composed of member companies, rather than individuals, and is currently made up of almost 40 member companies spanning 41 US states. Each member company has access to a host of dental industry information including the DIA University and private group forums, in addition to the Annual Conference.

The Board of Directors for the Dental Integrators Association is composed of 5 individual members, with no two members coming from the same company. The board is tasked with making decisions for the association and its members in terms of forward growth, partnerships, and finance. To be appointed to the Board of Directors, you must be elected by vote of the member companies. Each board member serves a two-year term and helps elect the President.

“Being on the board is my opportunity to give something back.” Steve says of his appointment to the board. DTC has been involved for a total of 8 years now. Since the beginning, Steve has wanted to see the DIA succeed in its mission. “The DIA fits with DTC’s business model.” He says. “Knowledge of the industry is given freely.” The non-competitive atmosphere of the DIA and the conferences put the focus on helping each other succeed, a value that Steve and DTC hold close. Steve often says, “you have to give it away to keep it,” and being able to serve as a board member for the DIA is his way of giving back to the organization that has helped DTC so much these past 8 years.

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