HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email

July 5, 2017

Email encryption is the process of encrypting, or disguising, content of email messages to protect sensitive data that is sent over the internet. There are many, many reasons why this is important, but for dental and medical offices specifically, HIPAA requires all outgoing emails to be encrypted in transit. This ensures that sensitive patient data is not intercepted, which can lead to identity theft, spam, fraud, and security breaches. Most free email services, such as Yahoo, AOL, and free Gmail, are not HIPAA compliant. While it may seem tempting to use a free email service for your practice, one mistake with unencrypted patient information can cost your business far more than the small monthly fee to use secure email.

Unsure if your business is properly protecting its emails and patient data? Contact us and we can have one of our technical professionals evaluate your practice’s email use for HIPAA compliance and security. Additionally, DTC offers three different encryption services at low monthly subscription fees to ensure that your practice’s emails are secure and in line with HIPAA requirements.

hipaa compliant encrypted email

Questions about which service is right for your practice? Reach out and we will have someone recommend the best email encryption options for your office.

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