DTC Family Spotlight | Meet Chloe

October 4, 2023


A picture of a blonde woman named Chloe Barnett

Chloe Barnett

Client Success Advisor

Say hello to Chloe, a dynamic individual with an eclectic background and a passion for customer service. Born and raised in a quiet suburb of San Diego, Chloe’s journey led them to Baltimore in 2008, where they embarked on a diverse career path. During their time in California, Chloe gained valuable experience in the casino industry. This includes working various roles on a Native American Indian reservation.

Since moving to Baltimore, Chloe embraced the role of a dedicated stay-at-home parent before venturing into the hospitality sector as a bartender at several restaurants. Her enthusiasm for learning and adaptability eventually led her to a career as an Oral Surgery Assistant and Practice Manager in Lutherville, MD. Joining DTC, she brings an invaluable set of talents, including strong organizational prowess and exceptional customer service skills. With a diverse background, a penchant for customer satisfaction, and a flair for the extraordinary, Chloe is poised to leave a remarkable impression at DTC.



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