3 Major Cybersecurity Incidents in 2023

April 16, 2024

Cybersecurity incidents are now so prevalent in the world that you might see headlines daily. With developers constantly trying to make their assets more secure and cybercriminals constantly trying to crack them, it’s a constant game of cat and mouse. As of 2015, cybercrime has cost the world 6 trillion dollars, that number trending closer to 10.5 billion by 2025 according to CyberCrime Magazine. With that many cybersecurity incidents happening, we thought we would talk about 3 cybercrimes that have happened in the past year to show it doesn’t matter how big your company is; it can happen to anyone.

The Guardian Newspaper Ransomware Attack

British newspaper outlet, The Guardian, was struck with a ransomware attack in December of 2022. The attack was extensive enough that internal systems were turned off. As a result, staff were asked to work remotely while trying to triangulate the attack. Currently, it’s believed a phishing email could have been used to access employee information causing a widespread attack. The Guardian has stated that no data has surfaced publicly, but there is still speculation that data was stolen.

Caesar Entertainment Ransomware Attack

A company that is recognized all over the world as being one of the biggest players in the casino industry, Caesar Entertainment, was struck with a ransomware attack as well. This attack was actually successful, with the data of its loyalty customers being stolen. The effect was Caesar’s actually paid the cybercriminals, known as Scattered Spiders, over 15 million dollars, about half their initial request! From an investigation the attack spurred from social engineering from an outside vendor they were using. The scariest part is that there is no guarantee that the data itself wasn’t copied. Creating an at-risk situation for the entertainment company moving forward.

The UK Electoral Commission Data Breach

In early August, the UK Electoral Commission notified the public that over 40 million peoples’ personal data had been breached. The data exposed ranged from full names, addresses, and age to photos sent to the commission and emails This attack shows that it’s not only businesses, but also government agencies that are privy to attacks. The root cause of the attacks is lax security. As of August, the UK Electoral Commission still hasn’t passed the National Cyber Security Center’s Cyber Essentials Scheme used to help organizations and agencies with their cybersecurity.


These incidents serve as stark reminders of the pervasive and evolving threat of cybercrime. Serving as a stark reminder for organizations, regardless of their size or sector, to prioritize cybersecurity measures, including employee training, robust system defenses, and proactive risk management strategies. Additionally, collaborations with cybersecurity experts and adherence to industry standards can help mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats and safeguard sensitive data and systems.

Contributed by Griffin Scully

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