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Industry Regulations

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We Are Compliant. Are You?

Being compliant is only half of the battle. Staying compliant is where it gets a little tricky.

At DTC we have expertise in HIPAA and PCI compliance. Many of our clients benefit from our years of experience, certifications, understanding and knowledge of what it takes to ensure your business stays compliant.

HIPAA & PCI Compliance

So many breaches and data leaks are being reported, which means the stress level of businesses that deal with PHI has grown. But you don’t have to sweat it! Here at DTC, we know the key to living stress-free is protecting and securing your PHI. You can start the process with a team that is well-versed in meeting HIPAA requirements and knows exactly what you need to ensure your PHI is protected!

Technical Safeguards

Yes, even technology has standards to follow! Here at DTC, we understand that your equipment is required to adhere to NIST standards in order to protect ePHI. Each piece of your network is responsible for doing its part and we can help ensure you are getting the most out of protecting your data.

Expertise in HIPAA & PCI Compliance

Are your PHI records protected?

With so many breaches being reported in the news, the anxiety level of business owners has grown exponentially. But, it doesn’t have to. At DTC, our goal is to make sure patient health records (PHI) are protected. We do so by helping you adhere to administrative, physical and technical standards and their requirements.

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Technical Safeguards

Committed to helping you select mechanisms that help you:
  • Implement a means of access control
  • Implement tools for encryption & decryption
  • Introduce activity logs and audit controls
  • Facilitate automatic log-off policies for PCs and devices
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