HIPAA Compliance Got Your Worried?

The hot button issue among practices today is HIPAA.  With so many breaches being reported in the news, the anxiety level of practice owners has grown exponentially.  But it doesn’t have to.  The key to handling HIPAA is being informed and acting on that information.  By reaching out to DTC today, a practice can start the process with a team that is dialed in on meeting HIPAA requirements.



The basic overview of HIPAA is to make sure a practice protects its patient health records (PHI).  It does so by adhering to three standards.

  • Administrative
  • Physical
  • Technical

Each standard has their own set of requirements.  And each requirement needs to be addressed and documented.  Has your practice met all three standards?

5 HIPAA Musts

Every practice must implement Reasonable and Appropriate Levels of Coverage.  To start, a practice must have:

  1. Paid, Business Grade Anti-virus software
  2. Paid, Business Grade Firewall
  3. Encrypted Email
  4. Username and Passwords to access network
  5. Business Associate Agreements
Not sure if you have all the items above? Speak to DTC today and find out.

What happens when you press send?

  • Is the email protected?
  • Did it get to the right recipient?
  • Did it fall into the wrong hands?

A practice must do everything in its power to protect patient data.  Especially when it is being transferred via email.  Encrypted email solutions aren’t expensive but not having one could cost you your practice.  Don’t let an email blunder bring you down.  Contact DTC today to get a solution that fits.


Move Your Practice Toward Compliance Now.

Want to learn more about how DTC can help your company with HIPAA compliance? Contact us today and one of our esteemed professionals will discuss how we can address your needs!