New Office Build Out


New Office Build Out

Building a new practice has enough challenges.  Don’t let IT be one of them.

A successful build out is tied with having a qualified team that works together and knows dental.  DTC helps its clients navigate through the challenges of opening a practice by:

  • developing the network design
  • procuring and installing the computer and network hardware
  • making sure all software applications integrate seamlessly

Network Design

Step 1:    Get floor plan

Step 2:    Determine locations of data, voice, stereo, tv and security cameras

Step 3:    Install network infrastructure

Creating and installing the network takes a team of individuals who know what a dental practice needs.  Call DTC today and get your new practice wired correctly.

Hardware Procurement and Installation

No matter what practice management and digital imaging software you have chosen, each one will come with their own set of System Requirements.  These “System Requirements” will demand specific:

  • processors
  • operating systems
  • memory specs
  • graphic cards
  • and more

Unfortunately, most dental practices don’t have a qualified IT engineer that can order, configure and install the correct equipment.  DTC will handle all of this.  Your server, workstations, printers and other peripherals will meet the demands of the software and will be set up correctly.  And for an extra piece of mind, DTC will give you 90 days of free support.  No other Dental IT companies are doing this because no other Dental IT companies can.  Reach out to DTC today.


Successful Startups

3 Keys to Successful Build Out

Step 1:  Find a qualified team

Step 2:  Hire a qualified team

Step 3:  Trust your qualified team

If your team doesn’t know dental, then they aren’t qualified.


DTC Will Make Sure Your IT Network is Built for Today and Ready for Tomorrow.

Want to learn more about how DTC can help your company with a new office build out? Contact us today and one of our esteemed professionals will discuss how we can address your needs!