November Webinar: Choosing a Business Entity

We love helping our customers. That’s why every month, we host a free online webinar with an expert in the dental industry. This month’s webinar features Sam Luxenburg, CPA of Luxenburg & Bronfin, LLC, a full service accounting firm located in Baltimore, MD. The webinar covered choosing a business entity, and will help you become more familiar with the entity choices available and which one is appropriate. Topics covered were the basic differences with the entities and the potential tax savings that can be achieved based on the choice of entity. Sam also gave us some highlights on the proposed tax bill, and what it means for tax payers. You can watch the recording below:

The bill that came out last Thursday is very far reaching and is going to affect a lot of different people in a lot of different areas, but its a proposed bill. We’ve already heard rumbling about if its going to get through Senate or not, and as a matter of fact it looks like the Senate might be coming out with their own bill. Nobody knows if or when it will be passed… While the bill did simplify certain areas of the tax code, it definitely doesn’t simplify the tax code in general. – Sam Luxenburg

If you have any questions related to choosing an entity, taxes, accounting, or related topics, you can contact Sam at 410-358-7255 or via email at [email protected].

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