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Author: Heather Halphen

3d modelled building pops up over the 2 dimensional floor plan drawing.-building a startup-starting your practice

Conception to Completion: Building or Buying Your First Practice

Building a startup or buying your first practice can be scary. There are a lot of moving parts and hiring…

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Unveiling the Faces Behind DTC: Introducing the DTC Family Spotlight!

At DTC, we’ve always believed that our company is more than just a workplace – it’s a family. And like…

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Technical Support Customer Service Business Technology Internet Concept

Why wait for IT issues when you can already have solutions in place with On-Premises support?

Mitigating Disasters and Maximizing Efficiency with Expert IT Support and Infrastructure Maintenance We already know disasters are inevitable, and things…

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Considering the Cloud for your business? Learn why migrating to the Cloud can be the ultimate solution to aging servers, unreliable firewalls, and slow operations. Discover how the Cloud safeguards your data, improves productivity, and ensures disaster recovery. Explore benefits like object storage, Microsoft Azure, rapid adaptability, and shared resources. Don't let storage issues or disasters impact your business—consult our DTC IT Experts for a seamless Cloud migration. Your backups matter, and the Cloud has got you covered.

Revolutionizing Dental Care: Taking IT Services to the Cloud

Ask Yourself… How old are your aging servers? Do you feel like your firewall tools are increasingly becoming more unreliable?…

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A picture of Lightning strike and thunderstorm over a city at night - Extreme Weather Protection for Electronic Devices

Extreme Weather Protection for Electronic Devices: Tips and Strategies

Unpredictable Nature’s Fury: Protecting Against the Wrath of Extreme Weather for Your Home and Electronics Extreme weather can happen any…

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A security lock on a blue and red background with the words Louisiana DMV Attack, the title picture for Protect Personal information

Protecting Personal Information: Louisiana DMV Cyberattack

In today’s interconnected world, the threat of cyberattacks looms large, reminding us that no one is truly immune to such…

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