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DTC Staff Undergoes Annual HIPAA Compliance Training with inUnison Consulting

While DTC is bridging the gap between innovation and technology, inUnison Consulting is bridging the gap between Healthcare providers, HIPAA…

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DTC Partners with inUnison Consulting for HIPAA Assessments & Training

DTC is proud to announce a new partnership with inUnison Consulting, LLC to provide top-notch, affordable, and comprehensive HIPAA compliance…

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5 Tips for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has been a buzz word in the medical industry for the past few years now. Hopefully this is old…

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HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email

Email encryption is the process of encrypting, or disguising, content of email messages to protect sensitive data that is sent…

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DTC and HIPAA Compliance – Providing Your Practice Peace of Mind

Today’s medical practices, especially the dental community, is constantly being inundated with meeting HIPAA standards¬†(The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability…

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Let DTC Assist with Your HIPAA Compliance Needs

With every practice needing to comply to HIPAA standards, start working towards a culture of compliance in 5 simple steps:…

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